The Legendary Toad's Place: Stories from New Haven's Famed Music Venue

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Anyone who has lived near New Haven, Connecticut, in the past 40-plus years has surely heard of Toad’s Place. With a capacity of 750, Toad’s has served as the perfect spot for musicians who prefer smaller venues. U2 played one of their first US concerts there, on their Boy tour. In 1978, Bruce Springsteen was in New Haven and arrived at Toad’s unannounced, and got up and played. The surprises kept coming and the club was attracting big names, as well as up-and-comers. In 1989, the Rolling Stones played a surprise show on a Saturday night, giving 700 fans the night of their dreams. Nothing could have been better—the Rolling Stones in downtown New Haven was unimaginable! That is only a taste of the stories that are uncovered in this book. Randall Beach and Toad’s owner Brian Phelps recall the legendary shows and behind-the-scenes stories.


“From my perspective, it’s not difficult to get lost like a sock in the spin cycle of traveling and touring. Cities, dates, and venues begin to blend together to create one larger experience, until you’re left arguing with your tour manager about which way is north. But there are a few places that care so much about our experience that they will stand apart from the crowd forever. Toad’s Place is that. Caring, friendly, helpful staff, creating an environment that I’m proud to create within. I’m thankful for Toad’s Place.”


“I couldn’t say enough about Toad’s Place. It’s such an important piece of American music history! Soul is one of those things that’s impossible to describe, but you know it when you feel it. And Toad’s Place has it overflowing out into the streets.”

Zach Deputy